How to Join

Joining us is very easy, but there are a few rules which need to be followed. We welcome any established company that is interested in business networking and building their business through strong reliable bonds between companies.

• There can not be overlapping categories. For example: If we already have a landscaping company, a similar company may not join under the same category. If a similar company would like to join under a different category this is possible, but any current member reserves the right to declare if that company is in conflict which his/her services. There is a possibility that the two companies can work together which needs to be discussed by the applicant and the member.

Voting in a new member: To become a member you must visit our group consecutively three weeks in a row. On the fourth week the applicant does not attend the meeting and our group votes on whether the applicant can be a member or not.

Maintaining membership: We have a strict attendance policy which allows any member 4 absences per quarter. Additional time off for medical leave or other reasons is allowed. We expect each member to submit a tip of a referral each meeting they attend, and must submit at least one referral per month.

• Fees: Potential Guild members must pay a non-refundable $15 Application Fee. If and when that member is voted in, a Guild Membership Fee of $100 will immediately be due. Thereafter, the annual Guild membership fee is $100. All Guild members must also be a member of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce. If you’re not a Chamber member we can happily help you become one. Chamber membership fees vary but the base rate is $410 per year for up to 5 employees.

The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce has many benefits for all business owners who are looking to build their business, learn how to start a business, learn how to expand an established business, member-to-member networking and countless other benefits. Your welcome to contact any of our Guild members to hear how the Chamber has helped them and their business, or you can contact the Chamber directly for more info: